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Pear Season – Circa 1960

April 13, 2014

(Some little Portuguese kid holding a
pear in front of a bunch of lug boxes
a long, long time ago.)

August heat bathed the foothills
pear trees and Johnson grass thrived
silver gray lines of fanning sprinklers
kept the orchards emerald and ready

pillars of wooden bins
appeared over night
stacked one on top of another
standing like waiting monoliths

the bunkhouse filled to capacity
with strangers from other places
or from harsher, troubled lives
all ready to pick pears for money

the campaign began
ford tractor
pallet trailer
lug boxes
aluminum ladders
picking bags
men in khaki colored
clothes and caps
descended upon the orchard

the trees with bounty ready
withstood the onslaught
of silver seige ladders
and flurry of greedy hands

desertions would occur
after the first payday
and money’d been earned
for wine and whisky

throughout the entire county
there was an industrious striving
to bring in the precious harvest
and earn enough for another year

  1. Lovely writing!

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