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A Tribute to Ted

April 15, 2014


(His name was Ted, but I simply called him, “Tedrick Halftail.”

As of this writing, our cat, Ted, has been gone for a month. He was a cat who behaved more like a dog. In fact, he loved us like a dog, coming when we called him, reveling in our company, almost as if he much preferred human interaction than hanging out with any mere animal. There wasn’t’ an aloof bone in his body.

After so much time has passed without seeing him, I’ve given up hope for a Lassie-kind of ending, where one day we look, and see him limping slowly over the hill, wounded, but alive, making his way home after whatever ordeal he survived.

We all miss him. I miss him, and in tribute to the little guy, I repost a poem I wrote about Ted back in November, 2013.)

Ted is our outdoor cat
he reduces the rodent population
which makes rattlesnakes
look elsewhere for food

Ted is a real sweetheart
he likes hanging out with people
enjoys being petted and brushed
and even holds still for baths

Ted is a first-rate hunter
he stalks his prey in nearby fields
slinking through overgrown grass
and long-ago-abandoned fruit trees

Ted shows us respect
by bringing us lizards or mice
he sets them down on the
ground in front of us

Ted plays with his trophies
careful not to let them get away
then, when he’s ready
he puts an end to playtime

Ted once got himself caught
in a broken garage window
to extricate himself
he chewed off his tail

Ted’s experience and
subsequent trip to the vet
Left him completely unfazed
As if nothing happened at all

Ted’s one tough son-of-a-gun-of-a-cat
a hunter, a pet, a companion, and guardian
we all know he’s one of those cats
that comes along once in a very long while

  1. Take hope, my friend–miracles still happen, and I’m praying for Ted’s safe return (a Lassie ending).

  2. Oh Ernie, I am so sorry! How old was Ted? Sounds like he had many of his 9 lives! I do hope he will return, but I know you will see him on the other side one day! I really believe this!

  3. Ted was in the prime of life, as they say. Interesting how different the lifespans of our cats have been. We have Xena, who is still with us, and nearly twenty-years old. I once saw her kill a good-sized rattlesnake that was coiled up right in front of me. So she’s had an interesting life, but continues to live to nap another day.

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