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Elwood P. Dowd’s Buddy

April 16, 2014


after all these years
it’s good to see that
Harvey is prospering

the old Puka is well
and living comfortably
in a shopping mall

he is visited by children
of various ages and
even poses for pictures

funny thing though
it used to be that only
Elwood could see him

  1. Hurray, you wrote about Harvey!! I’m newly enamored of the play recently–and wrote my own pooka poem a few weeks back.

  2. I’m only familiar with the Jimmy Stewart movie, which I’ve always liked a lot. I read your Pooka poem and liked it. “Rests in recliner, Loudly carrot-crunching while Blue-penciling my writing!” brings Bugs Bunny to my mind.

    Treat yourself to Staralee’s poem at “Madwoman of Ghost Harbor:”

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