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April 23, 2014


early one morning
before work began
I stopped at an ATM
to snag $ for the week

walking back to the car
I saw that a nearby sign’s
illuminated letters were
partially burned out

the letters that glowed in
the last moments of night
formed a word with no meaning
unless imagination is employed


I’ve worked on coming up
with something clever
to write about concerning
these six letters

this poem has been
on the proverbial back burner
simmering in synaptic juices
but so far nothing comes to mind

so this poem is open ended and
must remain a work in progress
because I have to post something
even if it’s nothing of etrist

  1. You’re very good at engaging us.

  2. Roxanne permalink

    LOVE!! A very etristing read.

  3. Etrist Pjetra permalink

    and the funny part is that my name is Etrist

    • I love it! Thank you, Etrist, for stopping by for a visit, and reminding me that there are more combinations of letters in this world than my limited knowledge of one language is aware of.

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