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Steak ’n’ Eggs

April 24, 2014


steak ’n’ eggs
California Benedict
bacon with eggs
all over easy

these are some of
my favorite choices
when it comes to
breaking my fast

breakfast used to be my
least favorite meal of the day
until as an adult I started
going with my dad to Granny’s Cafe

after he’d study the greasy
and tattered menu and give his
order to “Granny” I’d watch him
prepare for the arrival of his food

he opened and arranged
his little tubs of fruit jellies
and positioned salt and pepper
shakers for optimum usage

his hands were gnarled leather
from a lifetime of outdoor labor
and they busied themselves
moving about the table in this ritual

I learned from him that the ordering
of just the right item from the menu
and the anticipation of its arrival
were as important as the meal itself

he’s been gone for nine years but
he’s with me every time I sit down at
one of my favorite breakfast spots and
carry on the tradition of enjoying breakfast

  1. That’s a cool ritual Bro. Sometime we’ll have to go there for breakfast.

  2. The years fly by, My Dad has been gone 15 years this June, and I still miss him everyday. There are so many things I would like to ask him now, that our kids are raised and I have time to think! Now WE are the older generation! How WEIRD is that!? 🙂 I have one Aunt left who will be 95 in November, but that is it! Life is way too short! Thanks for this great prose about your Dad! Makes us all stop and appreciate the little things in life a little more!

    • Thanks, Heidi. Now that your children are raised, it’s time to slow down and smell the coffee brewing, listen to the eggs sizzling on the griddle and watch Wolfgang pore over the latest sports scores…

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