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May 7, 2014


used to be that the campfire was a
purely visual experience with its
production of heat a curious byproduct

now my bones are more keenly
aware of low temperatures and flinch
at the indifferent caress of chilled winds

the campfire has become an old friend
whose companionship is now
more of a necessity than a tradition

ours is a symbiotic relationship
with me feeding the snapping
and lapping flames morsels of wood

and the masticating blaze belching forth
a crackling warmth that is welcome beneath
the dark and moody wooded canopy

  1. It is interesting how age, gives one a different perspective isn’t it? I was thinking today that my internal vision has improved.I wear glasses all the time, I am farsighted now looking at the remainder of my years and beyond. No longer do that little things matter so much, heaven is home and this “stuff” is all very temporary.

    • I agree, Heidi. The older I get, the more “temporary” everything seems. Kids think in terms that they’re virtually immortal. Interesting how that works.

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