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Camping by the Lake

May 8, 2014


we are camping a few weeks
before the season officially opens
and we have the whole place to ourselves

we received special dispensation
from a grounds manager to stay
here so long as we pick up our trash

our group consists of a couple of
my old friends as well as my two sons
and myself enjoying the solitude

I walk the short distance to the
water’s edge and take in the pretty view
it belies the fact that we’re in a drought

the wind coming off the lake isn’t refreshing
it’s cold and cleaves me to the bone
I can’t laugh at lower temperatures like I used to

it seems the wildlife are off season too
as there are no squirrels or chipmunks
skittering along the grounded pine needles

there are no birds singing in the trees
nor any flying across the crystalline sky
no ducks or geese swim in the water either

the only sounds of life are our voices
the gathering of wood and the stoking of fire
as well as the snapping open of Coors Light cans

at three o’clock Saturday morning my son
wakes me up and says he can hear
something moving around in our camp

no one gets up and goes outside
to investigate and see what it is
and so it could be anything

absolutely anything at all
and quite frankly
I like that

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