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Herniated History

May 29, 2014


Robert Cornelius is supposed to have taken the first photographic self-portrait—a “selfie,” if you will—in 1839. Written on the back of the photograph are the words, “The first light picture ever taken,” this is followed by an after thought that reads, “And I’m not kidding.”

What follows, are several snippets from journal entries by the world’s first photographically-documented narcissist.

“Let me tell you, it was no picnic keeping that large apparatus at arms length, pointed at my face for over a minute. Dang thing got heavy!”

“I took extra time getting ready that morning, as I knew I must appear singularly presentable for the endeavor. I believe I spent two hours on my hair alone. I took great care to get the tousled, oily and matted look just right.”

“I currently only have this one photograph of myself, for not only is the technology cumbersome, tedious, and time consuming, do you have any idea how long it takes for a Pony Express rider to deliver reprints?”

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