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May 30, 2014


This post features a guest illustration by my son Nathan. It’s his interpretation of the “WATCH_DOGS” logo from the brand new video game that he and his brother play every free moment of their lives right now. This is a game where a guy in a trench coat and a baseball cap runs around blowing people away like you or I would pop bubble wrap.

My son produces artwork effortlessly and casually, completely unaware that he possesses a hundred times more natural, God-given artistic talent than his old man. He uses a stylus on his iPad 2 and an app called “Procreate.” (I have got to learn that app one of these days.)

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  1. It’s amazing what kids can do with technology today, I’ve about given up on trying to go ahead and learn new apps, etc. You probably have to, just to try and keep up with your children.

    • Actually, as far as gaming goes, I have given up. I’ll watch them play for a little while and marvel at the realism of the animation. They work the controllers like their just extensions of their bodies. But I can take only so much, and I soon leave. iPad apps are a bit different, and I’m more likely to try something new and different in that area.

  2. Fun design 🙂

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