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100-Mile Runner

June 30, 2014


he ran 100 miles
hoping to cross
the finish line
inside of 24 hours

he ran on a trail
carved into the
Sierra Nevada

in cumulative numbers he
ascended to higher than
18,000 feet and descended
more than 22,000 feet

when daylight abandoned him
he ran through the night
with a head lamp as his
only means to light the way

his only companions
were solitude and pain and
the race occurred simultaneously
in his mind and upon the trail

he finished the race of
100 miles in 24 hours plus 2
but no one can take his
accomplishment from him

a therapist worked on his
tortured quads and hamstrings
but it won’t be long enough
to command+z the muscle fatigue

he sits on a collapsible massage table
collecting himself and hopes that he will
be able to bend and straighten his legs again
because for right now he can do neither

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