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Pho King Good

July 24, 2014


I drove past a Chinese restaurant the other day, and discovered that it was out of business and soon to open as a Vietnamese eatery called “Pho King Good.” How many vehicles have swerved going by as drivers do double takes and sound out the name incredulously? I have no idea.

I googled “pho,” and found out that it is pronounced “fu,” and means noodle soup. Since “Noodle Soup King Good” makes absolutely no sense, I have to assume the owners know exactly what they’re doing, and it’s not a language-barrier-Tower-of-Babel mix up.

While my initial reaction was to guffaw and elbow my adult son, who sat in the passenger seat next to me, like a sophomoric imbecile, I’ve sobered as I’ve mulled it over. In a previous post (called “From The Journal of Jake Sutton,” and you can find it here: I brought up the true account of Oliver Hardy, while working in a Vaudeville rehearsal, not wiping his face with his neck tie because he felt it was too vulgar of an act to perform in front of the two women who stood just off stage.

Fast forward a mere one hundred years, people. Look around and marvel at our progress. I have friends who went to a play last week. It was a small theatre and they had seats right next to the stage. The scene opened to a couple of lovers spooning beneath a blanket. One of the men emerged fully clothed, the other, not so much. My friend’s wife was suddenly and unexpectedly treated to the point-blank view of—as they so eloquently put it these days—the man’s junk. My friend’s wife, taken completely by surprise, screamed.

And now, parents in this area can look forward to cringing when their children come up to them and say, “Mommy, Daddy, let’s go eat at that place that’s called fucking good!”

I’m probably overreacting.


How the noodle soup should I know?


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  1. Incredible isn’t it. Traveling in Berlin, Germany a few years ago I was looking in a men’s clothing
    store window and was shocked to see t-shirts, ties, and belts with the word fuck all over them. I suppose if I looked hard enough I could find similar items here.

    • Thanks for your comment, Craig. I’ll utilize this reply to say that I purposely don’t use the f-dash-dash-dash word in my writing. You won’t find it in any of the other 290 posts currently featured on this blog. I know it’s still offensive to a lot of people. I also believe it’s a crutch for some writers, and that it’s used instead of a thesaurus. That being said, I thought using it in this specific post was an effective way to make my point.

  2. Eric N. permalink

    My, how far we’ve fallen! Maybe business names and signage should undergo the same scrutiny as personalized license plates to avoid such innuendo.

    • Well, Eric, there’s the old freedom of speech argument. Which is valid. Wouldn’t it be nice if people realized that with freedom comes the responsibility to use it wisely. Sigh. Thanks for the comment, my friend.

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