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A Little Show and Tell

August 3, 2014


Sometime I see a face I have to draw.

This is a work in progress that I’d like to turn into a actual, real-world drawing. I have artist friends that are inspiring me to venture out of the safety I’ve found in the digital realms of my iPad.

For instance, check out the cool sculptures that Craig Schindler has created I had dinner with him the other night, and it was great to see him all jazzed up about his art again. He has plans of taking the sculptures to an art gallery owner he knows, and is certain his work will be put on display for the public’s perusal. He’s asked me to help him craft his artist’s statement. I am looking forward to it.

As for my drawing…there’s a tonnage of detail in the gentleman’s hat. I shall tackle that at a later date.

Stay tuned…

  1. Hey great job Bro, keep up the good work. I look forward to the finished piece . And thank you for the plug.

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