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A Monster Lives in Idaho

August 9, 2014


there is a monster
who lives in Idaho.

his sharp, serrated teeth
are his words of vitriol

he spits out flames
of cruelty and hate

his scaled claws drip with
horrific psychological gore

one hand sprouts gnarled
talons of verbal abuse

the other boasts slashing
blades of emotional torture

he is invisible to the
eyes of the system

he does what he does
with sneering impunity

he is untouchable
and unstoppable

and his malice is always
heaped upon three victims

the prey are his ex-wife
and two young sons


Unfortunately, monsters like this live everywhere. Perhaps you know one yourself. Perhaps you are a victim. If you are, know that you are not alone, and that you have the right to live a life free of abuse. WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) recognizes five kinds of domestic abuse: physical, emotional, financial, sexual, and spiritual. If you’re the victim of one or more of these, please contact WEAVE at:

  1. Bill permalink

    Hit the nail on the head!!!

  2. Rich permalink

    oh, i finally get it as to why Idaho, idaho indeed

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