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August 17, 2014


It occurred to me, as I drew this cartoon, that all the words
essentially form a 
free verse poem…

Finding an individual voice
and having it heard

amidst all that’s posted
on the web each and every day

plus all that’s been
uploaded in the past

is a bit daunting

Try nudity

Not viable

  1. Rich permalink

    Hey Ern!, loved the post–that is what i could read of it. the text just gets blurred out when xpanded and is not legible in it’s current format. it must be the way the web site processs GIFs or…?

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Rich. I have no idea why WordPress choked on this jpg. Makes no sense, but I think it’s behaving correctly now.

  2. Great post. So TV series and reality shows are going over the top with nudity and profanity. Have you noticed? What next?

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