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Monday Breakfast

August 25, 2014


This early Monday
I have the place
all to myself

save for the big guy
behind me who
sits at the counter

and a waitress who walks
about armed with a pot
of strong, black coffee

I order the ham & eggs special
and enjoy near-perfect peace
except for the intermittent

updates by the waitress
who complains about her
nineteen-year-old daughter

and how she was awakened
late at night by a phone call
and, for criminy sakes,

surely her daughter knows
that she has to be up at three
in order to start her shift on time

suddenly she’s there looking
right at me from the next booth
half kneeling, half standing

on the bench seat
so that she can face me
as she talks as if we’re old friends

as comfortable as can be
with both her awkward position
and conversation with a stranger

she admits to enjoying time
with her little granddaughter
watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse

and it occurs to her that’s time
well-spent and better than going
out drinking with her friends

and then she’s gone
busy with more of her
waitressing duties

and I find that an epiphany
makes a fine pairing with
a ham & eggs special

  1. OMG this looks like a diner in Toledo Ohio lol

  2. That’s one of the things I like about diners. No matter where you go, a diner usually always feels familiar.

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