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A Lifetime’s Worth of Reasons

September 5, 2014


The waitress sat an elderly man
several booths away from me
as I crafted my morning haiku

He was a disheveled Santa
with a lion’s mane of long, gray
hair and full beard to match

Bushy eyebrows formed an arbor
over a face that was etched by
both time and circumstance

He kept warm within
the zipped-up chrysalis
of his black fleece jacket

I watched him meticulously
spoon every bit of whipped cream
from the top of his hot chocolate

He carried on a silent, and
animated conversation with
person or persons unseen

He punctuated his opinions and epithets
with vigorous nods of his head
and perforated the air with finger jabs

So much intensity invested in emotion
and movement coupled with the complete
absence of any sound what so ever

There must be a story and a lifetime’s worth
of reasons for the old man’s behavior and I
should have asked…but it was time to go to work

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