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Park City, Utah —Day 1

September 22, 2014


At 7,000 feet, Park City is nestled in the Wasatch Back region of the fabled Rocky Mountains. It was the location of the skiing and snowboarding events during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

We arrived late last night, unable to ascertain what our surroundings looked like. After the day-long car ride, my wife and I fell into bed in near exhaustion.

We awoke to rain spattering against the sliding glass door. The photo above shows our mountainous environs, and challenging lodging conditions. Jest if you will, but I assure you—the stress involved in figuring out how much to tip the valet is oft times nerve wracking, especially if one is cheap.

It was a grueling day that required me to pace myself carefully, and conserve my energies throughout our afternoon’s endeavors. The outlet stores offered little or no seating for sherpa-husbands like myself, who dutifully follow their wives into some of the most arduous shopping locations in the world.

I found the high elevation come into play, when in a Levi’s outlet store, I tried on four pairs of jeans. The first pair were a bust, not even coming close to approximating a comfortable size. The second journey into the fitting rooms proved fruitful, but I found myself winded, perspiring profusely, and in desperate need of rehydration.

A quick stop at a local pub for a medicinal micro brew set me right almost immediately.

As I have strength, I shall continue journaling about our adventures in this mountainous Utah paradise.

P.S. I think I saw some Mormons today.

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  1. Kelly permalink

    LOL Ernie – you are so witty!!!

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