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Park City, Utah—Day 2

September 23, 2014


Today, we visited Main Street.

The shops and art galleries along Main Street offered up an overflowing bounty of visual delights. Some of the most wonderfully detailed western-related art, both painted and sculpted, I’ve ever seen.

Some of what we saw included Jewelry, touristy t-shirts, nic naks, and a smattering of antiques, not to mention a host of eateries for a variety of tastes as well as pocketbook dimensions.

My wife, a world-class shopper, and Olympic-level deal hunter, was in the zone. No shop escaped her perusal. No sale item went unnoticed.


Statue of mining engineer taking a selfie
while holding a core sample, hoping that
it will reveal traces of gold, silver, or bitcoin.


Right next to Mountain Trails Gallery
is this statue by David Lemon entitled “Silent Arrow.”

We took a break at Atticus Coffee and tea shop. the store is packed with both serious and humorous tea-related detritus. There were places for customers to sit, but not one table and chair set matched another. Used books adorned the back wall. Several customers sat accessing the Internet with their Mac laptops. An elderly couple sat next to us. I wayched the white-haired gentleman pore himself more tea from a steaming green pot. There was a good-sized black and white photo of Gregory Peck, as Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mocking Bird, hanging on the wall.


 Inside Dolly’s Bookstore, I found two cats doing what they do best—
holding down a sofa to keep it from flying away. These beautiful fur balls
are named Dolly and Pippi.


 Creepy-as-hell stairway leading down to the public restrooms.


 A well-earned Guinness, after an afternoon of keeping up with my wife.

We had dinner at Flanagan’s Irish Pub. The establishment is named after the famous Father Flanagan who founded Boys Town in 1921. He was the subject of the 1938 film Boys Town staring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.


“The second biggest Rolex I’ve ever seen in my life,”
he said in his best Don Adams voice. Getting blank
looks from the people around him, he sighed,
“Nobody remembers Get Smart.”

And thus another wonderful vacation day draws to a close.

Not sure what’s on the itinerary for tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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