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Park City — Last Day

September 26, 2014


As always, we leave with more than what we had when we arrived. I see other couples with their customary rolling suitcase plus one, and I envy them. The valet offered to help us load the car, but I told him that my wife prefers to handle that duty by herself. As I’ve said in a previous post, she has Jedi-level spacial recognition, which makes her one if the best car-packers in the world. As the trunk and back seat fill up, I feel like Jed Clampet when he “loaded up the truck and moved to Beverley.” The only thing missing was Granny’s rocking chair strapped to the roof. (Sorry for the ancient TV show reference most people won’t get.)

A few final thoughts…

• A big, ornate “E” was set in tile above the tub. As my name is “Ernie,” I thought this was going above and beyond to make me feel welcome.

• The Olympic park was great. We got to see some of the US Ski Team practice. Amazing!

• Everyone we met was nice as could be.

• The weather and scenery were outstanding.

• I got the coolest cowboy hat I’ve ever had.

• We look forward to the next time we stay here.


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  1. Rich permalink

    Need a picture of coolest cowboy hat!

  2. Okay, Rich, I added the hat. Bummer that I’m wearing it though. If people complain—it’s your fault.

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