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Butchart Totem

October 10, 2014


The Butchart totem stares
with multiple eyes unblinking
and forever onward as it rises
into a cloud-strewn Canadian sky

It oversees a camera-wielding
phalanx of tourists who swarm
over the gardens as if their
country of origin is bereft
of flowers of any kind

  1. Rich permalink

    Buchart gardens what an explosion of color. I’ve never seen fuschia so lush and so many. You must be having a great trip. Are you going to Victoria? We loved it. Enjoy

    • Thanks, Rich. It was so much fun, but it was a very, very short and fast trip this time around, with us getting back home at 2 a.m. and me having to get up at 5 a.m. to go to work. Sheesh! I have a longer post I want to do about the things I saw at Butchart Gardens, but I have to get a big freelance project finished first. Stay tuned…

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