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Car Wash Laundromat

January 18, 2015


Lovelock Etc.

Stopped in Lovelock to gas up
on our way to my sister’s in Idaho.

Our rental was a Hyundai Santa Fe
with ever-handy, all-wheel drive.

Could not find the damned button
to release the door to the fuel tank.

A YouTube video showed us how to access the
manual-release cable in the back of the vehicle.

Spent the night in Winnemucca at the
“Nights Out” motel along the main drag.

In the lobby, a small Christmas tree was in
the process of being dismantled and boxed up.

Our “spacious” room featured a bed that was most
likely uncomfortable the day it was manufactured in 1974.

During the night, everything produced some kind of noise
and that included clothes hangers and ceiling paint.

While I ate my complimentary breakfast the next morning
I peered out the window at the sign across the street


I imagined autos and clothes being washed
simultaneously in the same process.

It all went to hell when my willful suspension of disbelief became
strained imagining the car going through the tumble-dry cycle.

A kid at the Shell station in Jordan Valley
found the fuel tank release button in five seconds.

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