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THE Autograph

January 24, 2015


I have only a few autographs in my collection. But of the ones I have, the one shown above is my favorite.

I waited in line for well over two hours to meet Dean Koontz, at a huge bookstore that no longer exists. He was there primarily to push his new novel “Sole Survivor.” The man I met was gracious with his fans, taking his time with each one. He accommodated many different requests, including standing for small group photos.

When I handed him my copy of “How to Write Best-Selling Fiction” by Dean R. Koontz, he looked it over slowly, as if he’d just been reunited with a long-lost friend. (In my early twenties, I ordered the book from the Writer’s Digest Book Club, when I had aspirations that didn’t match my talent or ability.)

He looked up at me and asked, “Are you a writer?”

I guffawed, and answered, “Compared to you, sir, uh, no.”

Yet he graciously wrote, “To Ernie—Good luck with your writing!”

He flipped through some of the pages, refamiliarizing himself with the contents, and said, “Good book…but it needs to be updated.” He handed it back to me. I keep the book behind bullet-proof glass.

I think his admonition of good luck belongs on this blog. So here it is.

(In March of 2013, I wrote a post about Dean Koontz called “The Wordsmith.” If you’d like to read it, here’s the link: )


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  1. You are a talented man my friend.

  2. Dann permalink

    That’s a cool story.

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