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My Wife’s Poem

September 15, 2015


My wife was an English major with an emphasis on British literature. Wordsworth, Shelley, and Byron are her mainstays.

When I began writing free verse poetry several years ago, she was dubious. “Poems sans iambic pentameter ain’t poetry.” Okay, my wife never said that. Know why? You’d have to hold a gun to her head to get her to say “ain’t.” Still, she displayed a dismissiveness about what I was doing.

That, I am happy to say, has changed. In fact, she recently took one of my poems called “The Discarded,” and made it the centerpiece of a collage she framed within a shadow box. (You can find it here…the poem, not the shadow box:

My wife has also given me two major complements in the past that I shall always cherish. She once said to our daughter, about my writing, “the English language is at his beck and call.”

And recently, she asked me if I was ever going to finish my book. I left it over 2 years ago in first draft form, complete with my wife’s red-penned edits. She said, “I want you to finish it. Some of the scenes you wrote—the images are still with me.”

Last weekend, we were at an event at one of our favorite wineries. After only a couple of tastings, she tapped out a poem on her iPhone and handed it to me. I think it’s cute. Actually, I love it!

Without further ado, (in unedited perfection) here ’tis…

Wine overdone
Twirly, ethereal
All funny
Kinda dizzy like

(Drops iPad on table with outstretched hand—but only several inches, cause I’m too cheap to buy a new one—and walks away from table. But not too far before returning to the table to retrieve iPad, because, as was said, I’m too cheap to buy a new one.)

  1. I love, love, love this.

  2. That is most gratifying to read, my friend.

  3. Rob permalink

    I agree with Melody, the English language is at your beck and call.
    – you lucky bastard.

  4. Jeanne Albright permalink

    Ernie! I didn’t know you were a poet! Your writing reads warm, real, inviting and affectionate. I agree with Melody. Finish your book!

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