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Isaac #2

November 19, 2015


In the early 1980s, I paid a lot of money to attend a cartoonist symposium in San Francisco All of us struggling cartoonists displayed our scribbled wares, while pros looked it over and made various comments, head-nodded, or simply passed by without making a sound.

I had the Mad Magazine legend Sergio Aragonés pick up one of my cartoons, smile, and mention to the man next to him how much Gary Larson and “The Far Side” was influencing a whole new generation of cartoonists.

Uh huh…Duh.

The guy Sergio was talking to worked at Universal Press Syndicate, and he liked my stuff, and wanted me to send it in.

I thought I had it made.

I sent in a single-panel cartoon version of Isaac. I got a hand-written note back saying they really liked it, but would rather see it in four-panel strip form.

I instantly went to my boss at the newspaper and asked for two weeks off. I had the time coming to me anyway, so, I used my vacation time to crank out 24 strips.

I sent them in, waited, and got a nice form letter telling me that, ultimately, I had wasted my time, and to have a nice day.

I think some of the Isaac gags are good enough to post, so I’ll run them periodically until they’re gone. After all these years, it’s fitting that this science-fictiony, tech-savvy, scientist character found a spot for himself on the web. Albeit, an obscure spot.





  1. I think it’s good!! Better than a few I see every Sunday.

  2. Love it. I agree this is good. Rejection letters build character. I could show you a stack I gathered trying to get in gallery shows.

  3. I never knew that. I like that these get to see the light of day again.

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