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Sam Safari

February 10, 2016


I created Sam Safari to be the main character in a series of panel cartoon ads for a local travel agency. (You see, boys and girls, back in the olden days, before the Internet, most everyone went to travel agencies to plan and book their vacations.)

Within three panels, I had to present their message, and attempt to craft some sort of set up and punchline. The fourth panel was reserved for their logo, address, and phone number. It was difficult to do, but I had fun doing it. And because of the odd combination of travel deals mixed with feeble attempts at humor, only a few are worth posting. And, as soon as I redraw them, post them I shall.

Rather than show the long-ago-defunct travel business logo, I’m going to meld another idea I had during the same time period. ”The Croatoan Travel Agency.” This, of course, is a reference to the The Lost Colony of Roanoke. A group of people brought to the new world to carve out a life for themselves in an untamed wilderness. They were founded by none other than Sir Walter Raleigh. After dropping them all off, he said to them, ”Hey, I think I left the stove on back home. Gotta head back to England. I’ll be right back.”

Months and months later, after making two transatlantic voyages, he returned and found the settlement abandoned. And nothing was ever heard from those people ever again. The only clue left behind was the word ”CROATOAN“ carved into a nearby tree. Speculations abound concerning the final fate of the settlers, but nobody will ever really know what happened.

So I thought it would be cool to write a science fiction/fantasy story that featured The Croatoan Travel Agency. Time travel, extra-dimensional adventures, and trips to neighborhood Walgreens would be just a few of the possibilities. But, alas, like so many things—it never came into being.


  1. As long as it’s not Wraiths of Roanoke Travel Agency

  2. Rob permalink

    I love the “Croatoan Travel Agency” idea. Throw a couple more unsolved mysteries into the plot line and I’d buy 2 copies.

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