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April 6, 2016


my family roots burrow down 

and reach out across the 

Atlantic to the Azores and 

the beautiful island of Faial 


dig deeper and those same 

tendrils extend onward to the 

Iberian peninsula itself and into 

a house of Spanish nobility


the details of the other side 

of the family tree, though not 

as sharply defined, also reach

back to the Azores islands


sometimes I contemplate the

possibility of ancient mariners’ 

blood flowing through the fabric

of my mind, body, and soul


savvy Portuguese seafarers 

who manned vessels of early 

exploration or served under the

skull and crossbones of a JollyRoger 


and then I wonder about the “sins 

of the father” and the burden of 

genetic karma passed down unseen and 

unknowable from generation to generation 

  1. Rich permalink

    That’s why I sent for my DNA report. Especially since I am only ½ Portuguese.

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