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Isaac #23

April 27, 2016

This old cartoon comes with an introduction…

I watch my adult sons take on interactive games, and marvel at the intergalactic locals, and the plethora of high-tech, or completely fictional weaponry they get to wield. If I didn’t operate a controller like a three-week-old Rhesus monkey, I’d be right in there with them. If I live to see the day when you can interact with a video game sans stupid joysticks and buttons, I will totally freaking live in alternate reality.

All that being said, I can remember when interactive fiction was relegated to text adventures. That’s right, you had to read text and let the game play out in your imagination. And the one I enjoyed most was Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.” I spent hours in front of my old Mac Plus laughing and trying to solve convoluted puzzles. I seem to remember getting a babel fish out of the dispenser was a mind-twisting romp of equal parts humor and frustration. 

This cartoon harkens back to a quaint time period where I rocked my 1,000k Mac Plus (upgraded from original 128k Mac) that sat on a 20mg hard drive and I thought I was utilizing the apex of technology. And, sadly, I pretty much was. 

  1. Rodney permalink

    Get Ready VR (Virtual Reality) is here and coming to a headset “on your face!”

    Have you checked out Google Cardboard yet?

    When you have time I think you would really like a book called “Snow Crash” it was recommended to me by another Mac 128k Futurist.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Rodney. I wonder how much blue light my poor eyeballs will be blasted with using this new tech. I’ll use it until I need glasses…oh, wait…

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