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Hunting in an Antique Shop

November 18, 2016

I recently walked along

the labyrinthian isles 

of an antique shop

My wife is interested in

beautiful trinkets, fabrics,

doilies, lace, and the like

My hunt is for things, most

patrons would view as,

decidedly not beautiful

Comic books instantly get

my attention, but they’re rarely

old enough for me to want

Old hardbound books get

my appreciative nod, but 

we ran out of room long ago

What I search for is

a singular composition

of items behind glass

an arrangement unique

enough to make me stop

and unsheathe my iPhone 

And then it is there

right beside me 

disembodied doll heads 

peering from their cabinet

sarcophagus with sham eyes

one sits atop an hourglass 

bereft of the time to dribble 

into its bottom chamber

a rainbow goddess mask

from Sausalito is a head-

scratching bargain at $100

Charlie McCarthy, with

mouth agape and cracked 

noggin, looks forever left 

lacking the words, I’ll only 

mention the baby doll head 

and skull scepter in passing

There are other strangely-

arranged tableaus near me

but those are for another time

  1. Pam permalink

    Great work!

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