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The Pugilist

January 6, 2017

During the holiday, my sister showed me an old photo album that belonged to our mother. Lots of pictures were missing from the black corner holders, but there remained enough to keep me fascinated for some time. It didn’t take long before I singled out several that I wanted to draw.


“JOE DUTRA – THE PUGILIST” was one such photo. I traced over my mother’s printing, which isn’t a whole lot different from the style I use when I draw my cartoons. I don’t know who this gentleman was. The only Dutra I remember was a beautiful cheerleader I got to know towards the end of our senior year in high school. I have a feeling they are related, but I have no idea where she is, so I can ask.


And “Joe” is about as common a first name in the Portuguese community as the last name “Smith” is in the United States. When I was growing up, literally 99.9% of the Portuguese men I knew were named Joe, Frank (my middle name and the name of both of my grandfathers), Tony, or Manuel. 

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