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Post-it Poem

February 10, 2017

We have a sink in our office area. For some inexplicable reason, from time to time, someone leaves dirty dishes on the counter. We have no dishwasher. We have no maid or even a butler. So, how does this person (or persons) think the dishes will miraculously be washed? My guess is that it’s a dude. My opinion is that only a guy would put a dirty dish on a counter, AT WORK, and expect it to get washed by someone else.


Anyway, someone created a laminated, reusable sign, for such occurrences, that is placed near the dirty dishes that says, “Please be courteous, and take your dishes downstairs.” And this is because they actually have a dishwasher in the first floor Café.


You’d think that by now the hint would be taken, but alas, a fork and knife appeared the other day. Once again the sign was placed, and this time a post-it note was added that read: “That includes flatwear.”


When I came in this morning, I saw that an impromptu post-it note bombing took place. The result, I believe, is the spontaneous, stream-of-consciousness poem I present to you now:


please be courteous and
take your dishes downstairs


that includes flatware


also known as cutlery




you’re my boy blue


“do or do not” there is no “try” -Yoda


easier done than said


doubt your doubts


your mama doesn’t work here…


if she did, she’d be pissed


what you say about my mama?!?




I just want this to go over


the edge and down


now I’m over the edge


stick a fork in me


I’m done


red rover


red rover


send Whirlpool


right over


all work and no play


make Jack a very dull boy


threat level RED

  1. The next sign should read: “All dirty dished deposited here will be removed . . .permanently.”

    • That might work. They do that with the refrigerator. Anything left behind by Friday night gets tossed!

  2. This is amazing. And yes, probably a dude.

  3. Jeff Sturgis permalink


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