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Writing Update #3

May 12, 2017

Some thoughts about my current writing project…


Still writing away. I sped through the beginning of the latest “part” in order to get to what I really wanted to write about. A total rookie move. So, per a recent discussion with my writing partner, I’m backing up, slowing down, and probably will split it into two parts.


Reminds me of an anecdote about legendary screenwriter Howard Koch expressing his concern to the great Michael Curtiz that the script for Casablanca was being written so quickly that it wasn’t making any sense. Curtiz, the film’s director, is supposed to have said, in his heavy Hungarian accent, “ Don’t worry…I shoot so fast, nobody vill notice.”


I’ve enlisted the help of an old friend to paint a cover for the story. I drew the hero, as seen above, so we can get an idea of what he might look like. I’m going to tell the artist to think of actor Clint Walker (Cheyenne, The Dirty Dozen) for the face, and athlete and actor Mike Henry (Tarzan) for the body. That should do it!


And, as my mind tends to work, I’ve triggered thoughts of trivia. The figure of Doc Savage, pictured on the numerous Bantam paperbacks I collected as a kid, was based on the actor and model Steve Holland. And the face of comic book super hero Captain Marvel was based on actor Fred MacMurray. I could go on, but…I have a story to get back to.


  1. I am very excited to be working with you on this project my friend. The cogs are turning and the creative juices flowing.

  2. Interesting that was said about Casablanca’s script. Every line in that movie is gold.

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