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Writing Update #3

Some thoughts about my current writing project…


Still writing away. I sped through the beginning of the latest “part” in order to get to what I really wanted to write about. A total rookie move. So, per a recent discussion with my writing partner, I’m backing up, slowing down, and probably will split it into two parts.


Reminds me of an anecdote about legendary screenwriter Howard Koch expressing his concern to the great Michael Curtiz that the script for Casablanca was being written so quickly that it wasn’t making any sense. Curtiz, the film’s director, is supposed to have said, in his heavy Hungarian accent, “ Don’t worry…I shoot so fast, nobody vill notice.”


I’ve enlisted the help of an old friend to paint a cover for the story. I drew the hero, as seen above, so we can get an idea of what he might look like. I’m going to tell the artist to think of actor Clint Walker (Cheyenne, The Dirty Dozen) for the face, and athlete and actor Mike Henry (Tarzan) for the body. That should do it!


And, as my mind tends to work, I’ve triggered thoughts of trivia. The figure of Doc Savage, pictured on the numerous Bantam paperbacks I collected as a kid, was based on the actor and model Steve Holland. And the face of comic book super hero Captain Marvel was based on actor Fred MacMurray. I could go on, but…I have a story to get back to.


Post-it Note Gallery #2

At work, we have a Post-it note art contest approximately twice a month to coincide with our department meeting. Our boss suggests a theme each time, and we paste our note onto a little ready-made frame that hangs on the wall outside the meeting room. Occasionally, I think my offerings are blog worthy.
The theme for this one was: 

What is your spirit animal?

Haiku Ewww

dreadful sign placement

after-dinner messaging

digestion not helped

Batman Break

(Taking a small break from writing to post this cartoon…)

This cartoon sat in my sketchbook a long time before I decided to finish it up on the iPad.

It goes to show that Batman is only as cool and badass as his artist is able to depict.

Some of my favs? So glad you asked. Neal Adams, Marshall Rogers, Frank Miller, and Kelley Jones just to name a few. I could go on and on about these guys, and probably will in future posts. 



While trying to channel the great Lester Dent (who, under the pen name Kenneth Robeson, wrote most of the Doc Savage stories), we have pushed our hero through a good deal of, what looks like, a novella-length first adventure.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

• I really enjoy writing dialog. A creative writing teacher once asked me if I spent all my free time eavesdropping on conversations. That’s all well and good, I suppose, but at what point do I shut my characters up and get on with the story? Dialog helps shore up backstories and fill cavernous sinkholes in the plot, but where’s the cut-off point when enough is enough?

• As far as gratuitous sex and violence goes, well, let’s just say that while the violence is as copious as the gravy poured over the mashed potatoes of a southern-fried chicken dinner, there is no blatant nudity or sex in the story. This is in keeping with the traditional stories written during the pulp era.

• As I write on my trusty iPad “Pages” app, I am constantly glancing at the word count. I hate that. “Let the story play out,” I say to myself. It’ll be as long as it needs to be, right? But I fantasize about reaching not only novella length, but going beyond that, and securing the more laudable length of a novel—a totally amateur move.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned..

I Am In Writing Mode, Folks

Posts are kind of sparse right now and will continue to be sporadic for a bit longer. I am writing a series of stories with an old friend, and while I’m enjoying the process, it’s taking most of my creative energy. I apologize for this, but I promise to keep y’all apprised of our progress.

We always enjoyed pulp heroes like Doc Savage and the Shadow. We decided to create our own dude and have at it. We found ourselves moving farther back in time as we came up with more and more of the characrer’s backstory. We finally landed in the New Mexico desert in 1912. That’s where this this yarn begins. I came up with a rough idea of what our hero might look like in the graphic shown above.

Stay tuned…

Some Blog History

At our weekly department meeting, we take turns telling about what we do outside of work that’s creative in nature. It was my turn today. I talked for about fifteen minutes about this blog. I created this cartoon especially for the PowerPoint presentation I used to help showcase stuff from my posts.