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Batman Break

(Taking a small break from writing to post this cartoon…)

This cartoon sat in my sketchbook a long time before I decided to finish it up on the iPad.

It goes to show that Batman is only as cool and badass as his artist is able to depict.

Some of my favs? So glad you asked. Neal Adams, Marshall Rogers, Frank Miller, and Kelley Jones just to name a few. I could go on and on about these guys, and probably will in future posts. 



While trying to channel the great Lester Dent (who, under the pen name Kenneth Robeson, wrote most of the Doc Savage stories), we have pushed our hero through a good deal of, what looks like, a novella-length first adventure.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

• I really enjoy writing dialog. A creative writing teacher once asked me if I spent all my free time eavesdropping on conversations. That’s all well and good, I suppose, but at what point do I shut my characters up and get on with the story? Dialog helps shore up backstories and fill cavernous sinkholes in the plot, but where’s the cut-off point when enough is enough?

• As far as gratuitous sex and violence goes, well, let’s just say that while the violence is as copious as the gravy poured over the mashed potatoes of a southern-fried chicken dinner, there is no blatant nudity or sex in the story. This is in keeping with the traditional stories written during the pulp era.

• As I write on my trusty iPad “Pages” app, I am constantly glancing at the word count. I hate that. “Let the story play out,” I say to myself. It’ll be as long as it needs to be, right? But I fantasize about reaching not only novella length, but going beyond that, and securing the more laudable length of a novel—a totally amateur move.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned..

I Am In Writing Mode, Folks

Posts are kind of sparse right now and will continue to be sporadic for a bit longer. I am writing a series of stories with an old friend, and while I’m enjoying the process, it’s taking most of my creative energy. I apologize for this, but I promise to keep y’all apprised of our progress.

We always enjoyed pulp heroes like Doc Savage and the Shadow. We decided to create our own dude and have at it. We found ourselves moving farther back in time as we came up with more and more of the characrer’s backstory. We finally landed in the New Mexico desert in 1912. That’s where this this yarn begins. I came up with a rough idea of what our hero might look like in the graphic shown above.

Stay tuned…

Some Blog History

At our weekly department meeting, we take turns telling about what we do outside of work that’s creative in nature. It was my turn today. I talked for about fifteen minutes about this blog. I created this cartoon especially for the PowerPoint presentation I used to help showcase stuff from my posts. 

Post-it Poem

We have a sink in our office area. For some inexplicable reason, from time to time, someone leaves dirty dishes on the counter. We have no dishwasher. We have no maid or even a butler. So, how does this person (or persons) think the dishes will miraculously be washed? My guess is that it’s a dude. My opinion is that only a guy would put a dirty dish on a counter, AT WORK, and expect it to get washed by someone else.


Anyway, someone created a laminated, reusable sign, for such occurrences, that is placed near the dirty dishes that says, “Please be courteous, and take your dishes downstairs.” And this is because they actually have a dishwasher in the first floor Café.


You’d think that by now the hint would be taken, but alas, a fork and knife appeared the other day. Once again the sign was placed, and this time a post-it note was added that read: “That includes flatwear.”


When I came in this morning, I saw that an impromptu post-it note bombing took place. The result, I believe, is the spontaneous, stream-of-consciousness poem I present to you now:


please be courteous and
take your dishes downstairs


that includes flatware


also known as cutlery




you’re my boy blue


“do or do not” there is no “try” -Yoda


easier done than said


doubt your doubts


your mama doesn’t work here…


if she did, she’d be pissed


what you say about my mama?!?




I just want this to go over


the edge and down


now I’m over the edge


stick a fork in me


I’m done


red rover


red rover


send Whirlpool


right over


all work and no play


make Jack a very dull boy


threat level RED


a sheet-cake-laden table

Is that real ICE-ing?

Or is that FROST-ing?

Regardless, it certainly

is ent-ICE-ing


pretty n-ICE

*No two snowcakes are alike.


The field hides its face

Wearing an ivory mask

The guise will soon melt