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This blog is an “endeavor to create.” In fact, that was the first name I gave it. “Have Blog Will Scribble” has evolved in the last year. Part of the reason it came into being is still vital and the muse that drives it. As a writer, cartoonist, graphic artist, and, I have come to discover, a poet, I have found a place to be me. Firmly ensconced in my fifties, I came to all of this a tad late in the proverbial game, but, you see, I had debilitating emotional blocks that kept me afraid and silent. This blog is a celebration of my extrication from the shackles of crippling fear and anxiety. I give all the credit to God, where it so rightfully belongs.

So, the goal of this blog is simple. It’s a forum for whatever I want to write or draw about. Whatever catches my notice and requires elucidation. As I stretch my literary pinions, get my bearings, find my voice and explore a myriad of other cliches, what I write here will catalog that journey. At first, I thought I was breaking a rule, and that I should follow through and write only within the parameters stated in my initial post. I’ve since altered that line of thinking. I have good friends who are artists (and I mean real-deal-honest-to-goodness artists). If you told them they could only produce artwork about one subject, they would look at you as if you were an alien life form.

I’ve taken part in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) two years in a row. My offerings can be found under the corresponding category at the top of the home page.

(Every image you see in this blog is mine—unless otherwise noted. I have either used my trusty iPhone to snap pictures, or my iPad to draw cartoons and illustrations.)



I’ve always liked to doodle. Originally, I had grandiose ideas that I would become a comic book artist. That was until I was in my early twenties and met a sixteen year old wonder kid named Kelley Jones (he would later spend a year doing Batman covers during the “Knighfall” story arc) who drew better than I ever would. I re calibrated my aspirations right then and there. I ratcheted my settings over to cartooning and enjoyed having my stuff published in a couple of local papers and magazines. I even won first place in a national editorial cartoon competition.


I used to play Draw Something. “Ironchef” was my favorite. I stopped playing, when after about four or five days in a row, I realized that I was spending nearly an hour drawing for the people I was playing with. I figured all that creative energy could be put to use in different areas, like, say, this blog.


This is my second favorite cartoon I did while playing Draw Something. I was supposed to draw a “shadow,” but thought it would be oh, so clever if I drew “THE Shadow.”

The funny thing is that the person I drew this for (and she is a master illustrator of significant talent and ability who makes me look like I scratch out stick men on cave walls) had no idea who this legendary Pulp hero was. She replied on her next turn, “You call that a shadow?”


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  1. Someday soon. We will address our creative interests and express them I promise.

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